Welcome Class of 2021. At Kliks Photography, you can expect a relaxed atmosphere as we work together to create images that best express who you are. Take a few moments to read through what we have to offer and know that we are happy to answer any questions.


The Kliks studio is a 900 square foot open space with 20 foot ceilings located on the third floor that is closed to the public without an appointment. I will be wearing a mask during your session and will clean my surfaces between sessions. I ask that seniors bring no more than one necessary guest and that that guest wear a mask. Thank you for being kindly considerate.


We offer two separate types of sessions – studio and urban. For a fuller range of images, many seniors choose to do both. Our studio sessions offers an array of classic backgrounds such as white, black, gray and warehouse architecture. Urban sessions are one multifaceted location with metropolitan and some natural settings to be determined before your session.

In order to make a reservation, you do not need to choose which packages you want to buy ahead of time but, you do have to let us know if you want a studio, urban or both. We ask for a $200 deposit per session which will go towards your package(s). You do not have to order the same package for the studio and urban. Each session has a minimum of the $400 print package.


  • each additional outfit is $20
  • your online gallery will include at least 30 of the best images each of your studio and urban session
  • see below for what constitutes a general touch up
  • ‘prints’ are prints and wallets whereas as specialty items like standouts, metals or canvases can be ordered in addition to the package a la carte
  • prints will have the Kliks logo whereas when you order your own prints online with a digital package, there will not be a logo
  • flash drive packages include all the images from your online gallery plus the touch ups you choose
  • flash drive packages include a 20% savings coupon from a reputable online lab
  • all packages come with a free family or sibling session (see below)
  • see below for our summer savings special

$400 Print Pkg ($320 summer special)

Studio or urban session, 2 outfits, $300 worth of prints, 3 touch ups

$500 Print Pkg ($400 summer special)

Studio or urban session, 2 outfits, $400 worth of prints, 4 touch ups

$600 Print & Digital Pkg ($480 summer special)

Studio or urban session, 3 outfits, $500 worth of prints, 5 touch ups, flash drive 

$600 Digital Pkg ($480 summer special)

Studio or urban session, 3 outfits, no prints, 10 touch ups, flash drive

$1,200 Print & Digital Pkg ($960 summer special)

Studio and urban session, 3 to 5 outfits, $1,000 worth of prints, 20 touch ups, flash drive

$1,000 Digital Pkg ($800 summer special)

This package is our best deal. Save $200 when you order a digital package for a studio and urban session, 3 to 5 outfits, no prints, 20 touch ups, flash drive


When you place your print or digital order by August 20th, you will receive a 20% discount on any package.


Each package comes with an allotted number of ‘general’ touch ups. This includes basic studio wall or floor scuff marks and wall outlets as well such things as removing dark under eye circles and or a couple of blemishes. Extended touch ups can range from $10 to $30 for such things as removing considerable acne (photographers discretion, you will be informed beforehand).


Your proofs will be available to order online within a few days of your session.


Packages include prints and wallets. Specialty items such as standouts, metals and canvas can be ordered in addition to the package a la carte. When ordering specialty items online to to: ‘I Want to Buy A Print’ go to ‘Something Else / Try the Store’.

  • 30×40   $200 regular, $450 standout
  • 20×30   $150 regular, $300 standout or metal
  • 15×30    $125 regular
  • 16×24    $90 regular, $180 standout
  • 16×20    $80 regular, $160 standout or metal
  • 11×14     $70 regular, $140 standout or metal
  • 8×10      $40 regular, $80 standout
  • 5×7         $26 regular
  • 4×6         $24 regular


When ordering wallets online go to: At ‘I want to Buy a Print’ go to ‘Something Else / Try the Store’.

  • $110 qty of 104 with 3 poses
  • $90 qty of 72 with 2 poses
  • $70 qty of 56 with 1 pose
  • $50 qty of 40 with 1 pose
  • $30 qty of 16 with 1 pose
  • $20 qty of 8 with 1 pose


  • 4 or 9 images printed onto one photo with either a black or white background:
  • 20×30 with 9 images $360 regular, $720 standout, 4 images $300 regular, $600 standout
  • 16×20 with 9 images $250 regular, $500 standout/metal, 4 images $170 regular, $340 standout/metal
  • 11×14 with 9 images $200 regular, $400 standout/metal, 4 images $120 regular, $240 standout/metal


Seniors are eligible for a free immediate family (or up to 10 extended) or sibling session which is good through Christmas. Your pet, no matter how seemingly misbehaved, is welcome to join. We can either take your family photo just before your session – where after we’re done, a parent and siblings can leave.  Or, we can schedule at another time before Christmas.


Packages which include the flash drive have copyrights waived so that you can make your own prints, photo books, graduation announcements, grad party posters and DVDs. Images that are not originally ordered will not be touched up on your flash drive which may show such things as acne, floor scuffs and backgrounds that would otherwise be cropped out; these images can be touched up for an additional $10 to $30/ea.


Studio and urban sessions take about an hour each. Photos are ready to view online within a few days and orders are ready in about 2 weeks. Orders placed between November 10th and December 20th may take 3 to 6 weeks.


We request a $200 booking down payment that will go towards whatever package you choose, half the balance is due when the order is placed and the balance is due upon receipt. We accept cash, check and Visa/Master/Debit cards, but be advised that you will ensue a 4% credit card surcharge that will not exceed our cost.


Kliks is not responsible for sending in your yearbook photo.


What you wear makes a big impact on your photos, for ideas review our senior gallery.  Girls: stay clear of glittery makeup and be sure to wear proper undergarments that do not show. Guys; stay clear of short sleeved golf shirts (they can make your arms look thin), large stripes, cargo pants, and shirts with writing. Shoes will show, bare feet is an option. You’re welcome to email photos of your outfits to us if you have questions.


Kliks is not responsible for photos after 30 days and does not guarantee eternal storage. All photos are owned by Kliks and protected under federal copyright law. Prints should not be displayed in direct sunlight unless they are protected with UV glass and archival matting.

*Rates and offerings are subject to change.