It seemed like yesterday when that first tooth cut through and before long, that same tooth was being wiggled loose. Then, braces marched in and the smile you thought would always be for you was now being flashed at a new love. You ask yourself, where did the time go? Family: it’s not about racing from one place to the next; it’s about making sure you don’t miss the journey. At Kliks, we’ll freeze-frame the moments so that those smiles never fade.


Upon reserving your session, Audree can share a phone or email consultation to discuss how you would like to be photographed and what you are considering wearing. Sessions may take 30 to 45 minutes. Kliks has studio room for groups up to 12 people over the age of 14 (more people if under the age of 14) on the white background only.

$50 for 1-2 people

$10 each additional person


Your images will be put online within a few days of your session. You will have two weeks to make your selections of the 20, 12, or 6 image collection.


  • You can order prints or just digitals.
  • Your digital images on a flash drive have copyrights waived so that you can make reprints, enlargements, and greeting cards.
  • Your collection includes FineArt 5x7 prints in 8x10 acid-free archival white mats that can be framed, kept in a presentation box, or gifted to family and friends.
  • Your 3.5x5 set of matching artfully revised mini prints. Included is a silver metal stand to rotate a new photo to the front at your leisure.
  • Your customized film on a flash drive will have your images put to music.


20 Touched Up Digitals plus all the other best digital images (40 to 60+ total images)

20 Matching FineArt 5x7 Prints in Archival White Mats

20 Matching Mini Prints

An 8x10, 11x14, or 16x20 Print of Your Choice

Film of Images Put to Music

$800 for print/mat/film collection or $700 for digitals only – includes tax


12 Touched Up Digitals

12 Matching FineArt 5x7 Prints in Archival White Mats

12 Matching Mini Prints

$650 for print/mat collection or $600 for digitals only – includes tax


6 Touched Up Digitals

6 Matching FineArt 5x7 Prints in Archival White Mats

6 Matching Mini Prints

$500 for print/mat collection or $450 for digitals only – includes tax


Add-Ons are in addition to a Collection that can be purchased a la carte as collages, prints, standouts, wood standouts, metals, and canvases available in sizes ranging from wallets to 30x40s. Digitals are not available a la carte but when you buy the 20 Image Collection, additional touch ups to other images are available.


Each collection comes with general touch ups. Some clients may like to see extended complexion or body contouring touch ups, we’ll chat about those fees beforehand.


After your session, Audree will show you your images on the back of her camera. If you are happy with what you see, she’ll request payment for the session and the minimum collection before putting them online. We accept cash, personal checks, and Venmo (we do not accept credit or debit cards).

*Rates and offerings are subject to change.