It seemed like just yesterday when that first tooth cut through and before long, that same tooth was being wiggled loose. Then, braces marched in and the smile you thought would always be for you was now being flashed at a new love. You ask yourself, where did the time go? Family: it’s not about racing from one place to the next; it’s about making sure you don’t miss the journey. At Kliks, we’ll freeze-frame the moments so that those smiles never fade.


The Kliks studio is a 900 square foot open space with 20 foot ceilings located on the third floor that is closed to the public without an appointment. I will be wearing a mask during your session and clean my studio between sessions. For children sessions, I ask that just one guest accompany the children and that that guest wear a mask. Family sessions are asked not to bring guests. Thank you for being kindly considerate.


Audree will photograph your entire family together and then pair you into just the parents, just the kids, just the girls / boys, etc… We ask for a $50 deposit to hold your appointment which will be applied to your session fee and we have a $200 minimum photo order that does not including the session fee.


  • 30 minutes for families and children
  • $50 for 1-2 people, $5/ea for 3-8 people, $10/ea after 8 (so, $120 for 12 people). We have a studio space limit of 12 adults plus small children.
  • $20  pets only
  • For acting, modeling, on-line dating, body building see Business Rates
  • Kliks does not photograph weddings


Stay clear of large patterns or stripes, shirts with text and cargo pants. If you don’t care for your upper arms, wear long sleeves. Feet may show in some photos so, either wear shoes that you like or consider going bare foot.


Photos come with basic touch ups including skin creases and lightening dark circles under the eyes. For additional fees, we offer flawless extended touch ups such as teeth whitening, banishing double chins and body contouring.


If you are interested in making your own prints, holiday cards, photo albums and having the rights to your photos for safe keeping, Kliks offers the following options with copyrights waived. All images are a full 300 dpi. Kliks is not responsible for the quality of work from not-to-the-trade photo labs. Prints at a la carte rates can be ordered in addition to digital packages.

Option #1

When you invest in $600 plus your session fee, you are eligible to receive all the images from your view put onto a flash drive with 10 general touched up images of your choice. No prints are included. Additional general touched up images are $20/ea.

Option #2

You are welcome to purchase a select number of digital images.

  • $375 (3) touched up digitals
  • $450 (4) touched up digitals
  • $525 (5) touched up digitals


Photos are available a la carte. There is a $200 minimum order for photo orders. You will receive 5 free touch ups, after that, each image is $10/ea. Half the photo amount is due when the order is placed, the remaining is due upon receipt. You may pick up your photo package at Kliks during business hours or if you live out of town, we can give you an estimated mail rate. We welcome cash or check and also take Visa/Master/Debit cards, but be advised that you will ensue a 4% credit card surcharge that will not exceed our cost.

Photos are ready in about two weeks. Orders placed after November 10th that are wanted by Christmas may be subject to a $50 rush fee.

  • Regular photos are printed onto photo paper.
  • Standout photos are mounted onto a light weight 1/2″ thick black foam box and are ready to hang on the wall with no need to frame or they can stand on a shelf.
  • Metal photos are printed onto a sheet of metal in three hanging forms; floating from the wall, hanging with rings or metal posts in the four corners (posts are an additional cost of $20 per image).

Prints (scroll down for collage rates)

  • 30×40  $200 regular, $450 standout or metal
  • 20×30  $150 regular, $300 standout or metal
  • 15×30  $125 regular
  • 16×24  $90 regular, $180 standout
  • 16×20  $80 regular, $160 standout or metal
  • 11×14  $70 regular, $140 standout or metal
  • 8×10    $40 regular, $80 standout
  • 5×7      $26 regular
  • 4×6      $24 regular
  • $10 reprint fee per order, not per photo


  • $110 qty of 104 with 3 poses
  • $90 qty of 72 with 2 poses
  • $70 qty of 56 with 1 pose
  • $50 qty of 40 with 1 pose
  • $30 qty of 16 with 1 pose
  • $20 qty of 8 with 1 pose

Collages of 4 or 9 images printed onto one photo with either a black or white background

  • 20×30 with 9 images  $360 regular, $720 standout, 4 images $300 regular, $600 standout
  • 16×20 with 9 images $250 regular, $500 standout, 4 images $170 regular, $340 standout
  • 11×14 with 9 images $200 regular, $400 standout, 4 images $140 regular, $240 standout


Kliks is not responsible for photos after 10 days and does not guarantee eternal storage.  All photos are owned by Kliks and protected under federal copyright law. Photos that are not protected with UV glass and archival matting are subject to fading.