When was the last time you had a portrait taken that you felt good about?

I have been a portrait photographer for 25 years, working with everyday people who do not initially care to be in front of a camera because they don’t feel photogenic but that really has to do with how comfortable you feel. As your photographer, it is actually my job to melt away your concerns. Many of my clients arrive feeling hesitant but, they leave confident, excited, and relieved, and you will too.

First, we will discuss how you want to look in your photos; professional, glamorous, fun, natural, et cetera. Next, we’ll discuss wardrobe choices. Then, with complimentary lighting and my long running experience in directing you in how to pose, we will create a collection of images. I invite you to call or drop me an email so that we can create a collection of portraits that you feel good about.

~ Audree

: I am fully vaccinated and may be wearing a mask or am happy to upon request.