High School Senior Photos

'20 seniors who place their photo order by August 20th will receive a Summer Special of 25% off their package. Don't run out of time, reserve your session today!

Family Fun

When your family hasn't been in the same room for over seven years because you live in four different states, your photo session at Kliks can take a turn.


It didn't take any prodding to get the team at Eastern Iowa Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery to show their pearly whites. Team photos and individual business photos are being displayed on their website and promotional materials.

Summer Senior Special

Kliks is now taking reservations for the Class of '20. Place your order by August 20th to receive 25% off the flash drive / print package!

Generations of Gladden

These sly grandparents snuck their grandchildren in to get photos to surprise their parents. "The children had a ball with us during the photo session - as did John and I" said Stevie Ballard adding, "It was a memorable endeavor!"

The Fast Pace of Real Estate

While on my walk one day, I took a this of Shelly's business photo on her realty sign and the next day it had a 'Sale Pending' banner added to it. This gal works fast!

Mitch Then & Now

Some smiles never change. Kliks is now taking senior Class of 2020 photo session reservations - get in our 25% off summer deal (see senior rates).

Hats Off to Her!

Once the family photos were taken, she popped on her favorite accessory; leave it to an Icelandic to know how to work a hat.

All Smiles

After Dr. Deb Joyner at Joyner Dental Arts finishes her maintenance and dental artistry, her patients beam with healthy smiles for photos to be displayed in her office. There's nothing more convincing than proof positive results from a local.

Senior Summer Specials

The senior Class of '20 will receive 25% off with our summer special when they place their order by August 20th.