Family Photos

The Loans came in from the cold for a collection of warm family photos.

Increase Your Client Base

Licensed mental health counselor, Pam Severson, of Reflectionpoint Studio noted, "Since I changed my business photo on my website, I am averaging three to four new clients a week which is up from one. That's amazing."

Beloved Pets

"My husband Ron and I have not children and because I'm an only child, my parent had no grandchildren," said Traci Weber of First Avenue Wine House, "So, we found sibling boxers; Jake lived with my parents, Lizzi lived with us and they spent their lives together...

Internet Dating

This vibrant woman in her 60's came in for photos in formal and casual wear and is now ready to post her photos 'out there' on internet dating sites.


The affinity for one and another is palpable in the Callahan family.

You’ve Got The Look

"For ten years, I have trusted Audree with the details of my business photos," says Cory Rath of Keller Williams, "People give me credit for having a knack for marketing but I credit Kliks for advising me on what to wear, the location of our shoot and the design of my...

Hot Toddy

This is how you take a polar vortex and turn it into a crowning opportunity for a fashion proclamation.