We offer three sessions:

  • Studio
  • Urban
  • Natural

Often, seniors reserve a studio and an outdoor session (see our portfolio for examples). Contact us so that we can discuss on-location options within city limits. Outdoor lighting is best after 3 p.m. between June and early October.

Each session is $100, includes two outfits ($20/ea add’l) and about 40+ of the best images ready for you to view online within a few days. To reserve an appointment, we ask for a $100 downpayment to go towards your session.


We offer straightforward a la carte packages sure to suit your needs. We ask for a $300 minimum order per session.  If you are interested in the flash drive for one session, you’ll need to order a $500 photo package. If you are interested in the flash drive for two sessions, you may order $1,000 in photos of any configuration ($300 from one session and $700 from another, etc..).

  • $300 Pkg $300 worth of a la carte photos with 5 touched up images.
  • $400 Pkg $400 worth of a la carte photos with 5 touched up images and a free family/sibling session.
  • $500 Pkg $500 worth of photos with 5 touched up images, a free family/sibling session, all photos saved onto a flash drive with copyrights waived.

Session fees and graduation invitations are not included in the ‘photo’ package.

The session(s) fee is due at the time of reservation. Half the payment is due at the time you place your order and the remainder is due upon receipt. You may pick up your order at Kliks during business hours or we can mail it USPS for $5 or estimated for orders larger than 8x10.


Each package comes with 5 touched up poses. If you would like more photos touched up in prints or on the flash drive, they are $10/ea pose. See us for extended touch up estimates for such things as removing considerable acne.


Photos for packages are a la carte. What you might expect with your $500 package can range anywhere from A) one 11×14 standout, two 8x10s, six 5x7s and 104 wallets to B) one 16x20 standout collage with nine images.

  • Regular photos are printed onto photo paper.
  • Standout photos are mounted onto a light weight 1″ thick black foam box and are ready to hang on the wall or stand on a shelf.
  • Metal photos are printed onto a sheet of metal that float from the wall.

Prints (of single image, scroll down for collage rates)

  • 30×40   $200 regular, $450 standout
  • 20×30   $150 regular, $300 standout or metal
  • 15×30    $125 regular
  • 16×24    $90 regular, $180 standout
  • 16×20    $80 regular, $160 standout or metal
  • 11×14     $70 regular, $140 standout or metal
  • 8×10      $40 regular, $78 standout
  • 5×7         $26 regular
  • 4×6         $24 regular


  • $110 qty of 104 with 3 poses
  • $90 qty of 72 with 2 poses
  • $70 qty of 56 with 1 pose
  • $50 qty of 40 with 1 pose
  • $30 qty of 16 with 1 pose
  • $20 qty of 8 with 1 pose


  • 4 or 9 images printed onto one photo with either a black or white background:
  • 20×30 with 9 images $360 regular, $720 standout, 4 images $300 regular, $600 standout
  • 16×20 with 9 images $250 regular, $500 standout/metal, 4 images $170 regular, $340 standout/metal
  • 11×14 with 9 images $200 regular, $400 standout/metal, 4 images $120 regular, $240 standout/metal


Your pet, no matter how seemingly misbehaved, is welcome at no additional fee.


When you place a package photo order, you’re eligible for a free session which is good through your senior year. We’ll photograph you together and in sub-groups. If your session is done by the fall, we can design holiday greeting cards for you.


The $500 package offers all of your images (that you saw on your on-line gallery) put on a flash drive. Because copyrights are waived, you can make your own photo book, graduation announcements, grad party DVDs and posters. Images that are not originally ordered will not be touched up on your flash drive which may show such things as acne, lens spots, floor scuffs and backgrounds that would otherwise be cropped out; these images can be touched-up for an additional $10/ea.


Kliks creates one-of-a-kind graduation cards with Kliks photos only. Kliks photos are copyright protected; we will not give permission for other print labs to reproduce our work unless you have purchased the flash drive.

  • 5x7 one-sided, $2ea
  • 5x7 two-sided, $2/ea with $25 add’l layout fee
  • 50 qty min order with order increments of 25


Sessions take about an hour. Photos are ready to view on-line in a few days, photos are ready in about 2 weeks, graduation cards are ready in about 2 weeks.


Yearbook deadlines begin as early as December; remember that it will take 2+ weeks to get your photos back. Kliks will email your chosen photo to your yearbook for a $20 fee after you have placed your order.  Please give us more than 5 days notice. Yearbook photos are not touched up ahead of your order.


What you wear makes a big impact on your photos. For ideas please review our senior photos.  Girls: stay clear of glittery makeup or lotion and be sure to wear proper undergarments that do not show. Guys; stay clear of short sleeved golf shirts (they can make your arms look thin), large stripes, cargo pants, and shirts with writing. Shoes will show and barefeet is an option.


Kliks is not responsible for photos after 30 days and does not guarantee eternal storage. All photos are owned by Kliks and protected under federal copyright law.