I am fortunate to have photographed thousands of sessions and while I’ve appreciated them all, there are a special few that I carry in my heart, one which was Judge McManus.

I distinctively remember photographing him as he patiently sat first in his dapper cardigan and then in his judicial robe. We were about finished when I knelt before him and asked if he would look into the camera as if he were at his bench listening to someone state their case. He did. Though this session was years ago, I keep his photo on permanent display on our website to serve as a reminder to me (and perhaps others) of what this man from Iowa accomplished as a lifelong public servant.

During the session, I did not know that besides being a husband and father, he was a collegiate athlete, earned his law degree at 21 years of age, became a flight instructor and lieutenant in the US Navy, was elected to the Iowa Senate and served as lieutenant governor of Iowa before his friend, President John F. Kennedy, appointed him chief judge, a post in which he served 55 years.

I only knew what I saw through the lens; uncompromising integrity.